The joint is very precise and requires a certain level of hability.

The pieces can be joined one on top of the other.

A special key help us to unlock the pieces.

To close some figure thes pieces must be firmly subjected.

How does it work

The block can be joined with others in multiple ways using any of its sides. In this way 3-D modules can be builit, which can then be joined together to form large structures. The highly precise joint helps in the development of fine motor skills.


How it works

What can be done

Build simple 3-D figures, balls, towers or fantastic creatures. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be created with modulmax. Once you learn the basics of assembling the blocks, you will discover an infinite world of new possibilities.

Instructions 18

Instructions 48

Instructions 100

Who can play

Children aged 5 years or older, teens and adults will quickly learn the posibilities of modulmax and will be able to create fun figures and ingenious structures. It is a toy for all ages and is ideal for sharing with friends and family.

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+100 figures with 18 pieces

More than 100 figures can be made using only 18 pieces!

100 figures

Educative advantages

modulmax is a great new tool to develop learnig activities in math and reasoning.


modulmax presentation

Quality and safety

Developed and produced in the EU with safe, high quality materials that conform with all EU safety standards.